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Real Estate
Investment Banking Firm

We are a boutique real estate investment banking firm offering specialized debt and equity capital raising services to domestic and international real estate and hospitality development firms. Our expertise encompasses managing a select number of highly exclusive transactions each year, primarily focusing on markets within the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Impeccable Record & Qualifications

Capital Raising


Liaison in Debt, Equity, and M&A



Average Transaction US$20-US$500 million



Key Markets


Strategic Focus and Transactional Excellence

Headquartered in Miami, FL, we pride ourselves on facilitating transactions with values ranging from US$20 million to US$500 million. Our strategic approach and deep market insights ensure we meet our clients' needs with precision and excellence.

Boutique Advantage

At GFG Securities, our boutique corporate structure is more than just a business model; it’s your gateway to personalized support and assistance navigating complex markets. Here’s how our approach sets us apart.
Our commitment to providing personalized support ensures that each of our clients receives individualized attention tailored to their unique needs and financial goals. This bespoke service model means we strive to not only satisfy, but exceed your expectations.
We concentrate our efforts on a limited and highly selective portfolio of engagements. This focus allows us to dedicate unparalleled resources and expertise to each project, striving towards meticulous execution and attempting to optimize outcomes.

Our management of financing opportunities is characterized by processes that are both aligned with our clients’ objectives and competitive in the marketplace. This strategic approach ensures that each project not only benefits from the comprehensive oversight and accountability of our entire management team but also stands out in the financial landscape.

Global Network

At GFG Securities, our global network is at the core of everything we do, especially when it comes to real estate transactions.


Ensure Focused Attention

Every mandate benefits from our focused attention through high-level relationships in banking, hospitality, and global real estate private equity.


Foster Competitive Environments

We excel in creating competitive transaction environments that lead to quantifiable benefits.


Leverage a Comprehensive Network

Our network spans financiers, developers, hotel operators, project managers, contractors, architects, and master brokers.

The Team

GFG Securities is supported by a team of professionals distinguished by their skill, cultural awareness, and dedication. Our multicultural and bilingual staff maintains a broad spectrum of lender and investor relationships both locally and internationally.

Experience excellence with us today.

Unlock exclusive real estate investment opportunities with our boutique firm. Specializing in debt and equity capital raising for domestic and international developers, we focus on markets in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Join us for tailored investment solutions.

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